Infinite Internet



At Trident we understand that a powerful internet service is crucial for any business looking to attain maximum efficiency. As such, Trident’s Infinite Internet has been designed to deliver optimal performance through a dedicated and reliable connection.


Superior performance and availability

Infinite Internet offers high speed, fibre optic grade bandwidth that can be personalised to suit the needs of your business. You can choose from a range of connection speeds from 2Mbps to 10Gbps and vary your selected speed as your requirements change.


High speed to your needs

Only the very best Internet services incorporate high performance with consistent service availability. Infinite Internet connects directly to Trident’s advanced IP/ MPLS network to deliver a powerful yet cost effective service that is backed by 99.95% service availability.


Value Proposition

  • High speeds of up to 10Gbps
  • A high degree of scalability
  • Superior reliability
  • Dedicated and reliable connection
  •  Unmetered data usage
  • No access usage traffic fees 
  • Fast internet speeds

"Trident’s Infinite Internet provides your business with a dedicated connection that supports ‘mission critical’ and bandwidth hungry applications."


High Speeds

We offer a high speed (up to 10gbps) internet connection that can be personalised to match your requirements as they change.



Superior Availability

Connect directly to Trident’s advanced IP/MPLS network to deliver a powerful yet cost effective service that is backed by 99.95% service availability.



Full Support

We provide network monitoring along with 24/7 support from our Service Management Centre to help ensure you stay connected.



Future proof your organisation

Any-to-any connectivity links individual sites through a logical ‘network cloud’ rather than the complicated mesh of point-to-point physical circuits.



Additional Service

Our complete service offering enables the integration of a wide range of additional services (security, audits, cloud) to improve the overall efficiency of your internet.




Internet Connection Plans

 Flat Rate Plan:
 An unmetered internet service with fixed monthly fee based on bandwidth.

Attachment Circuit


 Premium Grade (Ethernet access) Standard Grade (ADSL/ADSL2+, Annex A & Annex M, NBN Co
 Ethernet bitstream)

Business Internet Link


 Customers will be able to select the Business Internet Link bandwidth for their
 site, up to 10Gbps.




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