Trident Health offer a range of services to assist your organisation to keep ahead of the game. Covering Project Management, Managed Services, Outsourcing and backed by our National Service Desk , National Operations Centre and National Response Centre, Trident Health can provide you with a wide range IT services.

Our Service product range:

Managed Services

Our Managed Services team has grown significantly to meet the ever-increasing demand for IT support and, in particular, rapid response and remediation. Our flexible solutions are uniquely tailored to each customer and are supported by experienced and accredited system and network engineers at our National Service Desk. See our pages – Outsourcing, National Service Desk, Network Review, Offsite Storage and Remote Monitoring – which define our solutions this further.

Project Management

Trident Health provides clients a Project Management Framework to ensure a successful design and installation of the required solution. Delivery for the entire project from initial specification to implementation, testing, and post-project review, control and communication form the cornerstones of the Trident Project Management methodology.


Trident Health offers a comprehensive service catalogue with cost effective services and solutions. All of these services are available from complementary, to a partly, or fully managed solution designed to alleviate many of the pain thresholds that organisations experience managing their ICT systems.

National Service Desk

Trident Health provides a comprehensive outsourced National Service Desk solution. We use Central as our service management tool. Central is an industry leader and is regarded as one of the best of breed in service delivery software, and adopts the ITIL principles. Our Service Desk is manned by personnel that possess excellent communication skills and expert technical capability.



A dedicated internet connection that delivers optimal performance, superior availability and access via Trident Health's carrier grade infrastructure as well as a variety of third-party suppliers including NBNCo.


Professional IP VPN

Trident Health’s Professional IP VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the secure and effective way to share applications, communicate between offices and increase productivity. Our IP VPN enables you to share applications (voice, video & data) and communicate between offices in different locations over your own virtual private network.


Premium Backup Testing

Providing peace of mind by ensuring total backup integrity through regular testing of your backups systems and software to enhance your ability to restore data in the event of a disaster