At the heart of your organisation's IT systems is your Infrastructure, and Trident Health offer diverse range of products to cater for your business, large or small. Our experienced Technology Innovators can assist you to assess and plan your next infrastructure upgrade.

Our Infrastructure product range:


We can advise on a broad range of technologies across areas covering systems integration, data networking, communications and security. Our solution architects are recognised as industry thought leaders in the design, delivery and management of enterprise ICT Solutions.

Storage and Servers

Trident Health has extensive experience in planing, supplying and deploying on-site high-availability infrastructure solutions. We also specialise in developing system backup, database backup, disaster recovery, data recovery, system restore and data storage solutions. We can also advise on replicating/mirroring infrastructure into a data centre to provide up to 99.995% availability.


 The emergence of collaboration and deployment of IP devices has seen a strong demand for the integration of new applications and devices over the last five years. Recently, Unified Communications has been a strong focus for the leading IT manufacturers, and Trident Health has been contracted by many of its education, health and transport/logistic customers to implement and integrate many applications and devices with a strong emphasis and demand for IP Telephony.


Security is something that no company or organisation can avoid, whether it’s an online threat such as a virus or hacker, or physical threat such as theft or vandalism. Trident Health can provide your organisation with a broad spectrum of products, covering fiirewalls, anti-virus, mobile device management, video surveillance and more.


Business continuity and disaster recovery are cricual areas for every organisation, and Trident can assit you with deploying onsite solutions to ease your DR pain.